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6.12. Full version of Star Trek : Final War 2.5 

Large discussion forum using phpBB2 technology was enabled. Forum should replace current guestbook and is designated for discussion about anything related to Racoon soft games - ST:FW1-3 :-) I´m looking forward to seeing you there.


Few screenshots from Sacrify of angels mission, or  how does it look, when it comes to battle among almost 40 ships :-)


Well, the list of incoming features is here. And there are some new screenshots


Hereby I´d like to oficially introduce SG-mod for FW2, which I´m working on, with the help of Raynor and few other people :-) Here are some screenshots. I´ll post here a list of aditional game features later.  One of them is a fact, that from now, there will be fighters participating in battles, so there will be quite hectic on the battlefield sometimes. It may come to the Jem´Hadar carrier spreading waves of Jem´Hadar fighters :-)

13.5. Patch 1.2

Execute self extracting archive inside the game directory and overwrite the original exe file. List of corrected bugs


Impossible battles! Do you thing you are good ? :-) Try to win these battles. They are quite tough. You mostly have to find out some unique tactics to win the match. 


There have been problems with downloading files from these server. So if you have slow download speed or not entire file has downloaded properly try our new mirror on


English version Star Trek : Final War 2

With english version of manual and some in-game texts. Ship histories and scenario informations were not translated yet. This version also includes 1.1 patch which solves some game bugs. Click here for further details

29.9. Full version of Star Trek : Final War II